Where are we again?

I haven’t abandoned my blog. Life gets busy. Unfortunately teaching demands a lot at times and not of all the demands are useful, helpful or constructive.

I have been implementing further strategies for our instructional model into my classroom. There is a lot of frustration from many of us because the text-book that we are working from is very much secondary based and mainstream. There is nothing Primary based or for EAL based. We are starting from scratch. And that is tough.

I have been celebrating my oldest child’s birthday. I can’t believe he is now twelve.

I have been chasing up on a few health issues that need attention. Actually, when I get to this point, it is because my body is screaming for attention.

I have also been researching and preparing to write a feature article on a colleague from school. I interviewed her today and will be interviewing her sister on Monday. It was actually quite a bit of fun asking her questions I don’t normally get to ask and finding out more about her. I have been mulling over the direction of my article. I am quite looking forward to the challenge of shaping my article and pulling it together. I seem to enjoy the process of how my work evolves throughout the planning, writing and editing stages of the project. I love reading biographies and autobiographies of people. Real life can be so much more fascinating than fiction. Who knows, maybe I have found my calling?

How have you been going?


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Sarah G

I'm an English as a an Additional Language Teacher. I'm learning to write through an online writing course and I'm a wife and a mum.

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