What does a ‘quiet week’ look like?

I don’t think a ‘quiet week’ ever exists for teachers.

Last week I had a fairly nasty cold, but really had to keep going in to school. My students completed an animal information report from our Australian Animal unit from the week before. We had a professional learning day on the Wednesday, which is something to write about another day. I submitted another assignment for my writing course and received the grade and feedback the next day. And I also celebrated turning another year older on the weekend.

I have updated my portfolio by adding my media release example from last week’s assignment. We had to write a media release for the launch of a new app. The information contained within the media release is all fictitious, including the website address and phone number. You can access the media release through my portfolio page or by clicking on this link.



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Sarah G

I'm an English as a an Additional Language Teacher. I'm learning to write through an online writing course and I'm a wife and a mum.

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